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Qimam Alraeda Commercial Brokerage LLC is designed to provide specialized, proficient and thorough services specifically designed to meet every client’s particular need and interest. Commercial services need to fluctuate quickly and because of this, our team has established the association, resources and organization to meet these changes. Since the inception, QIMAM AIRAEDA has committed to providing each client with paramount service that ensures each client the utmost potential, return and advantage.




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We search for businesses you want to buy, carry out all the research and background checks/ verifications, then we approach the decision makers on your behalf. We can often find business ripe for acquisition long before anyone else. We work for you, the buyer and we deliver the results you want, if you want to buy a business in the UAE, contact us now.

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Our team will assist you from approvals to collecting visas, application submission to signatures and stamps.

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Commercial brokerage is a business activity in which a business entity (or broker) acts as a middleman between people (principals) who are buying and selling goods or providing services.

nies that mediate between the buyer and the seller to complete real estate sales and transactions are required to have a real estate brokerage license. Real estate broker’s responsibilities also include selling and promoting properties using contracts and agreements that have been approved by the RERA.

The Commercial License is also known as the general trading license or business license. It is the most widely applied for and issued trade license type in Dubai’s Free Zones. This license type applies to businesses involved in commercial activities and trade activities in Dubai and the UAE.
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